The DNA Coatrack

$ 6,999.00

     DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) the foundation of who we are. Each one of us is unique because of our DNA.  This is a coat rack that exemplifies the uniqueness of each season, each person, each party.  As hats, coats, scarves are hung on the DNA Coat rack it changes just like real DNA.  Each party is unique as people come and go.  The color, shape and texture of what is on the DNA Coat Rack changes even with each season when we hang our coats or summer shirts.

     She is stamped Made in Spenard, Alaska and signed by Thaddeus.  I have enjoyed using this for several years myself, it has also been shown in several art galleries and expositions to include the American Art and Craft show in the Jacob Javits Center, New York City and the Sea Fair Mega Yacht art venue Sarasota, Florida in 2012.  Anyone that enjoys sculpture or medicine, biology can really appreciate this work.  I can see it in the front office of a Geneticist or someone else working daily with DNA.

     She is made of hand forged steel and measures just over 7 feet tall and 3 feet wide at the widest.  Contact me for international shipping. 

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