Red Matilda

$ 399.00

     Originally designed for my mom.  No her name isn't Matilda, it's Julie but I made hers from Ostrich and the song Waltzing Matilda came to mind so it seemed a fitting name for this bag.  Plus her birthday is April 12th when I gave her this bag, Waltzing Matilda day is April 6th, it just all works out that way.

      The cool part about the Red Matilda is that it's a bucket bag/ tote style bag which everyone loves but it's unique in that my design incorporates a flared lip which gently folds over because of the suppleness of the leather and the placement of the straps.  This means the bag seals itself without needing any type of closure.  The straps run entirely beneath the bottom of the bag giving it exquisite detail and adding support when carrying heavy or bulky loads.  I just love this bag, so does my mom :)

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