Narcosis, Pyrococcus Furiosus Strain 1521

$ 32,999.00

     Narcosis is Mollusk Man's handbag that he carries into battle.  Loosely based on the Scottish Sporran.  Known as Pyrococcus Furiosus Strain 1521. This handbag goes with my helmet sculpture Mollusk Man that is in the permanent collection of the National Ornamental Metal Museum in Memphis, Tennessee.  

     The shape is reminiscent of a shark egg case with its spines coming out along the edges.  These are also known by the name of "Mermaid's Purse".  The chain links articulate like a spine and when the bag is slung across your body it offers protection to your back from predators much like sea creatures in the Mollusk family have developed.  The carved leather is in the design of a Mollusk bivalve shell.  The chain mail mesh with rings that closes the pouch is similar to the net used by Roman gladiators, the Retiarius and their fighting equipment styled after that of a fisherman.  The flap of the pouch has parallel lines similar to the baleen whales throat grooves that expand when feeding.  Thus the flap opens on the pouch to reveal the throat of the bag where items are taken into the internal cavity.  The steel skeleton surrounding this leather bag is similar to the Iron Plated  or Scaly-Foot Gastropod, Chrysomallon squamiferum  found near deep sea hydro-thermal vents.  The Scaly-Foot Gastropod incorporates iron sulfide into its shell and skeleton, being the only creature known to do this, thus the name "Iron Plated".  Overall the handbag Narcosis is a type of  Pyrococcus furiosus strain 121, an extremophillic species of Archaea and one of very few creatures to have enzymes containing tungsten.  Tungsten being used in the production of steel to add hardness also has the highest melting point of any element. Strain 121 is significant because at 121 degrees Celsius it simply becomes biostatic and once the temperature drops it begins to reproduce again.  Hospitals autoclave at 121 Celsius to kill bacteria but strain 121 is resistant to this!  Now, Narcosis is of strain 1521, the approximate melting point of iron and some steels so the hard steel of this creature becomes soft and liquid at this temperature but is not killed or defeated.  Upon cooling it becomes capable of battle again.

     The sculpture stand for Narcosis is a Mollusk itself, this one being the armor bearer for Mollusk Man, carrying his handbag into battle until he needs it.  You can see the hard plate like shell with aspiration holes, the neck extended from the shell and the antenna which hold up Narcosis in the ready position.

     This work of art has been shown in various art shows to include Boston Fashion Week 2013, Seafair Megayacht Sarasota, Florida 2012.  American Art and Craft show Jacob Javits Center, New York, New York 2009,2010

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