Kira's Bible Clutch

$ 7,999.00

     Jesus said the stone that was rejected has become the capstone, Psalm 118:22.  Well, this bag started as a mistake.  I was making an Ellsy Clutch and messed it up.  My wife Kira said just make something else from it.  This is what happened.

     The white lamb wool on the bottom represents Jesus, the foundation on which our faith is built and the only foundation on which we can build.  The three crosses represent the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, the Trinity of which God is comprised.  Above this is the flap of the bag, "The way to get in", over this flap is a red stained leather which represents the blood of Jesus Christ that was shed so that we could have entry into eternal dwellings.  The arched shapes of the red leather represent churches, the places we gather in His name, under one roof, together as believers.  On the handles are more crosses, thus we must hold on, hold onto our faith and take up our cross and follow Jesus, Matthew 16:24.

     This is one of my favorite bags and I love the sound it makes when you carry it, those metal rings sliding against the hand forged steel.  It comes on it's own presentation display stand because when it is not being used it should be displayed so that it is enjoyed.  This wonderful clutch will definitely give you the opportunity to talk about Jesus when you carry it because everyone wants to know about it.

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