Couture (custom) Handbags designed just for you.

$ 3,000.00

A couture or custom handbag designed just for you.  

     First we agree on your budget for your new handbag then I work backwards trying to figure out how much cool stuff I can do for you and how awesome I can make it within your budget.  I then take full payment for your new handbag.

     Second we talk about overall shape, size, characteristics of functionality or fashion style.

     Third we talk more about details such as types of leather, color, metal hardware, linings, zippers, snaps and various pockets or straps.

     Fourth is I produce a few sketches to make sure I am going the right direction.  Then I produce a final drawing for you and have you sign off on all the things we talked about.

     Fifth I start making your bag!  I keep you updated to the progress so you can see the steps in the construction and really get to know your new handbag from the very day it is conceived until it is born.

     Sixth is I deliver your new bag, we take pictures, shake hands, jump up and down, cry...whatever because it's going to be awesome!!

Here are some examples of my couture work on other one of kind bags.

     If you would like to discuss your own handbag, prices start at $3,000.

     Call me on my cell phone or email me and we can set up an appointment in person at the Thaddeus store 101 E. Main St. Syracuse, Indiana, U.S.A.  or we can handle it all over the internet and phone.

My cell:  (907) 301-1373

My email:

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