Alaska Plaque

$ 299.00

     For Alaska's 50th anniversary I created this bronze plaque to hang on your cabin, or yacht or whatever.  I sent one to Senator Lisa Murkowski as a gift and they hung it in her office in Washington D.C. I also sent one to our, at that time, Governor Sarah Palin in Juneau. That's pretty exciting to me, but I'd be just as excited to see where you hang yours.

     This hefty hand polished and waxed sculpture says Alaska 50 Years 1959-2009.  I carved it with rays of the sun and brightness emanating from the "50" to represent the rising of another great 50 years.  When viewed from the side the texture becomes the mountain ranges with the largest one being Denali "The Great One"situated just beneath the 50.  The words are made up of the river valleys between the mountains and the polished bronze is reminiscent of the gold found throughout the state.

     Dimensions are 9" long x 3" wide x 1/2" thick.

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